The Final Prophecy of Nostradamus

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November 7, 2013 by Roy Murray

For centuries, academics, futurologists and teenagers have studied the almanacs of Nostradamus, seeking clues to what was going on in the world. While his critics have dismissed his predictions as vague interpretations that could be applied to any world event from the French Revolution to the rise of X-Factor, his supporters insist that this 16th century French seer wrote mystical quatrains which held the key to the universe. nostradamus-prophecies

While his quatrains are confusing, he was quite clear about the writings of Century X1V, his final prophecies. In a letter to Catherine de Medici before his death he explained that he himself was not sure if the prophecies were real. This bothered him throughout his life and Century X1V was specifically about his own doubts regarding his dreams. In the letter to the Queen of France he was quite clear – “If Century X1V comes to pass, all other prophecies shall be immediately null and void. The meaning behind this quatrain is that we live in a random world and all previous convictions do not apply. It may have just been indigestion”


Below is the quatrain.

“The Highland chanteur will walk the beast in Prussia.

He will hear the cries of the smalltown boys and join in

and the whole world will watch.”


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