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December 11, 2016 by Roy Murray

Zoe is 11 and Luka is 15

  1. What music do you not like and why: Zoe – Really really loud screechy music. Luka – Pop. It’s just noise
  2. What is your best birthday memory? Zoe – The time we all brought old presents to the party and we had an auction with fake money called yonkerdoodles. Luka – Going on the Luas when I was four or playing Last Night on Earth, the zombie board game with my friends last year.
  3. Why is the purpose of humans?  Zoe – To make the world not empty. Luka – To live.
  4. How old is old? Zoe – 60s. Luka – 58
  5. What was the best holiday you ever had? Zoe – Skiing in France. Luka –  Last Christmas, I got what I wanted and I was with family.
  6. What movie do you watch over and over? Zoe – Thumbelina. Luka – Hot Fuzz


  1. What do you think about when you have nothing to think about? Zoe – My life plans. Luka – Everything. I think about everything.
  2. What do you miss from your childhood? Zoe – Eating out in restaurants. Luka – The PC game, Team Fortress
  3. What slang word do you love to use? Zoe – Banter. Luka – Ghoul or eegit
  4. What famous person do you admire the most and why? Zoe – Amy Winehouse cos she was a really good singer and she did try to stop taking drugs. Luka –  Jamie Hewlett because he inspired me with his drawings.



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